Faculty Staff

Akira Shibanuma   
Assistant Professor

What factors promote or hinder health service seeking behaviors and good health practices? My research interest is to investigate such factors, both in the demand and supply sides of health services, based on insights from microeconomics and behavioral economics as well as theories and practices in the global and community health.

My research topics are as follows:
1. Develop a method of measuring the level of the adoption of good practices
2. Explore effective training methods for different types of good practices
3. Identify the impact of the human capital and social networks that the participants of training possess on their adoption decision of good practices
4. Measure willingness to use health services and exercise good health practices through experimental methods and questionnaire surveys

Master of International Development, 2010, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies
(FASID-GRIPS Joint Graduate Program on International Development)
Ph.D. (Health Sciences), 2020, The University of Tokyo