Faculty Staff

Junko Kiriya
Assistant Professor

Efficient dissemination and implementation are essential for shortening the time to bring research findings into practice. I have been working on especially dissemination, which affects implementation. The main topic was to “epidemiologically” examine the potential of online tools (mainly online videos) to disseminate beneficial research findings. How fast can we disseminate information broadly and quickly among health care professionals? This kind of area is categorised as health communication. Sounds like there is nothing to do with epidemiology. However, epidemiology is all about revealing the association between “exposure (cause)” and “outcome (effect)” and can be applied to solving all different types of issues. I would like to continue to the second stage, implementation, to examine factors that affect behavioural change to shorten the time between evidence and practice. Not only that, I will work on varieties of global health issues utilising my knowledge and skills of epidemiology.

MA, 2010, Keio University, Graduate School of Health Management
PhD, 2016, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Epidemiology and Population Health